Terms & Conditions

The RING Injenering Online Store (http://www.ring-bg.com) serves as a virtual platform for the sale of RING Injenering products.

RING Injenering reserves the right to update, improve, remove, and move information, materials and products at any time and without notice, but makes no warranties that the published information is accurate and exhaustive.

By registering on the RING Injenering site, the User confirms and declares his / her agreement to these Terms and Conditions, accepting them unconditionally and is required to comply with them. RING Injenering reserves the right to update, supplement or modify the General Terms and Conditions in accordance with the requirements of consumer and commercial law, as well as all statutory instruments in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

 1. General Terms and Conditions.

1.1. Any user wishing to order and purchase a product from the RING Injenering Online Shop is required to register on the site by filling in the electronic registration form and declaring his / her agreement to the Terms of Use of the e-shop.

1.2. Upon registration on the Site, the User undertakes to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information necessary to make the sale.

1.3. Upon any change to the Terms of Service, RING Injenering will inform your Users about the changes made to the site.

1.4. RING Injenering reserves the right to make changes to published products, prices, features and additional information without first notifying Users.

1.5. The site of RING Injenering contains links to other third-party sites. These references are provided solely for your convenience and awareness. We are not responsible for the privacy policy, as well as other information contained therein. By using these links, you leave the RING Injenering site and we accept no responsibility for the content, completeness and topicality of the information and products offered there.

1.6. All prices of the goods are VAT excluded, and the user can choose the currency for informative purposes - Bulgarian lev (BGN), EUR or USD.

2. Order of goods and services.

2.1. The user can buy goods and services online from https://shop.ring-bg.com after signing in.

2.2. The user can add the products he chooses to a virtual basket, view the contents of the basket, add new products, or remove already added items.

2.3. The user confirms his order by pressing the CONFIRM ORDER button, thereby declaring his agreement to the Terms of Use of the e-shop.

2.4. Adding a good to the contents of the basket without the order being completed does not result in the registration of the order and the automatic retention of the goods.

2.5. When a successful order is made, the Customer, receives a notification on the e-mail address indicated by him in the registration that the order is registered in the RING Injenering system, containing details of the order made: order number, estimated delivery time, value without and with VAT, total value of the order, delivery address. After processing the order, the Customer receives the final confirmation at the same e-mail address.

2.6. In the event of a shortage of ordered products, RING Injenering notifies the Customer specifying additional ordering options and approximate delivery times.

2.7. The distance contract between RING Injenering and the Customer is deemed to have been concluded from the moment of confirmation of the specific order, which results in an obligation to pay by the Customer for the goods he has ordered online.

2.8. In case of incorrectly filled out data of the Customer, RING Injenering will cancel the received order, which will automatically terminate the distance sales contract.

2.9. The client has the ability to track the history of the orders he has made in his account.

3. Ways of payment.

3.1. In the case of e-Pay / e-Pay orders, the user pays an amount equal to the value of the delivered goods according to the confirmed order on the RING Injenering bank account specified in the generated pro forma invoice. Only after the payment has been confirmed and the bank account is credited with the relevant amount, RING Injenering Ltd performs the delivery of the ordered goods.

3.2. Payments with bank cards.

You can make a payment using the following credit / debit cards: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY.

The transaction currency for a card payment is Bulgarian Lev (BGN). In the site has prices in other currencies other than Bulgarian Lev, they are for informational purposes only and may not be exactly the same as the amount accrued on your card in the same currency.

Please note that your V PAY or MasterCard Electronic Card will only be accepted if it is registered for participation in the online authentication schemes Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

The maximum transaction amount is 10,000 leva. Payment is made via the Raiffeisenbank website and in case the card is registered in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode online authentication schemes, you will be redirected to your service bank's site for additional authorization.

RING Injenering does not collect or store any information about your payment facilities such as the name, number and validity of the card.

In a successful transaction (authorization received), a transaction note is displayed on the screen that you print or save.

If it is necessary to return card-paid sums on services contracted and made by us, this will be done by us through a credit card transaction with which the payment was made.

4. Data Protection (Transaction).

In order to prevent you from misusing your payment with your Visa or MasterCard bank card, we apply the best practices recommended by international card organizations. The security of card data input and transfer is ensured by using an SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the payment page of our serving bank. The authenticity of your card is verified by entering a security code (CVV2). In addition, for your identification as a cardholder, the payment server for e-commerce of our serving bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations - Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, in case you are registered to use them.

5. Reclamation.

5.1. Upon receipt of the goods, the Customer is required to review it immediately. In the event that it detects visible defects such as: the goods obviously do not correspond to the declared purchase, damaged package integrity, transport defects, lack of accompanying accessories, lack of accompanying documents, immediately inform the person making the delivery. In the presence of the person making the supply, a statement of findings shall be drawn up for the presence of defects and missing parts.

5.2. In the event that the Customer fails to make a view of the goods received (type, quantity, packaging) and does not claim, the product is considered approved and the consumer loses the right to claim at a later stage.

5.3. Hidden defects (production discrepancies, difference in parameters, etc.) the client can advertise in writing within 14 days by filling in the feedback form. Within seven working days, RING Injenering will respond to the next action on the claim.

5.4. The warranty period of RING Injenering products is 2 years.

5.5. The claim may be refused in case of: failure to observe the conditions of storage and transportation, in case of malfunctions, electric shocks, floods, thunder, fire and other force majeure.

6. Refusal of order and return of goods and money.

6.1. The customer, who has the quality of a user within the meaning of the CPA, is entitled, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to give up the contract for the purchase of goods through http://shop.ring-bg.com, by returning the goods within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of receipt. He shall send a statement of withdrawal of the contract and return the goods with its original labels, without indications that the goods have been used without Is damaged or treated in any way, with undisturbed integrity, e.g. But complete with all accompanying documents, including instructions for use, declaration of conformity, warranty card, etc., without any external or internal defects, in the original and packaged by the manufacturer as well as under all other conditions Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act.

6.2. The cost of returning the goods shall be at the expense of the Customer. RING Injenering reserves the right to refuse to receive a refused product for its own account. Upon receipt of the returned product and its review, the seller shall reimburse to the consumer the price paid by him (excluding the cost of return) not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer exercised his right to withdraw from the contract.

6.3. RING Injenering reserves the right to claim compensation for broken or missing product features, broken appearance, missing part of complete equipment if the product is not in the form in which it is sent or refused if it is not the same product at all.

6.4. If it is necessary to return a bank card-paid amount to advertised or declined orders, this will be done by us through a credit card transaction that made the payment.

6.5. When paying by bank transfer, the money is returned back to the same bank account.

7. Protection of personal data.

7.1. With the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, the Customer grants unconditional and unconditional consent to the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data provided by RING Injenering and its third parties authorized by it: courier companies, banks, etc. For the execution of the distance sales contract, as well as for promotions, marketing activities, etc. Not forbidden by legislation, organized by RING Injenering. RING Injenering explicitly declares to the Client that the personal data provided by it does not give third parties for advertising purposes.

7.2. RING Injenering declares to the Customer that it has implemented technical and organizational measures such as limited access, firewalls, encryption and data backup that protect personal data from loss, manipulation and unauthorized access.

7.3. The Customer may at any time request by written request that the personal data provided by him should not be used and stored by RING Injenering as a Personal Data Administrator.

7.4. RING Injenering reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other personal data of the Customer for disclosure of its identity in the event that this is necessary to comply with the law and in legal procedures to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

7.5. To provide card security information, the http://shop.ring-bg.com site communicates via payment service providers, and RING Injenering employees do not access bank card information.